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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm back....

Well, I finally made it back to the gym. It's been a couple
of weeks or so. I went yesterday and I'm sore as heck

Usaully I'm not sore until the day following the day after
but I've been away so long that my muscles aren't used to
the stress anymore.

Fortunately, I didn't gain any weight while away. I weighed
in at 227.4lbs. Not too bad. I'd like to hit 220.

I'm sure that I'll have an initial gain (as usual) but I'm
looking forward to getting that "six pack" once all the
excess fat's gone.

Just remember this my friends, even if you fall off the
wagon when it comes to a vigorous excercise regimen
you can still maintain your weight with a decent
low carb diet plan.

Don't lose the faith!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Low-carb diets are beneficial for diabetics

If you're still looking for a reason (besides losing weight,
looking better and feeling better!) to try a low carb diet
plan, read the article below.

It seems that by reducing your carb intake you may reduce
your risk of contracting diabetes! Just another benefit
associated with the low carb lifestyle!

Low-carb diets are beneficial for diabetics .:.
NewKerala - India's Top Online Newspaper:
Low-carb diets are beneficial for diabetics

Washington: Researchers have revealed that a low carb
diet can be beneficial for diabetics.

The Swedish group, led by Dr. Jorgen Vesti Nielsen, had
previously reported on 16 obese patients on a 20-percent
carbohydrate diet over 6 months. After 22 months, patients
continued to show improvement in hemoglobin A1C, a
marker for long-term blood-sugar levels in diabetes.

The paper published today in Nutrition & Metabolism, an
open access journal also reports that seven patients who
immediately switched to a 20-percent carbohydrate diet
from a low-fat diet in the earlier study also showed improvement.

According to Richard Feinman, PhD, editor of Nutrition &
Metabolism, "It is a small study, but it is the longest of its kind
and it shows people coming off medication and improving their
glycemic control."

-- Asian News International (ANI) "

low carb diet

Monday, July 03, 2006

Get more low carb diet info!

Are you still unsure about your choices when it comes to
low carb diet plans?

Get more info so you can make an informed choice when
it comes to which plan's right for you.

Visit Low Carb Diet Secrets Revealed to get all the
low down on low carb.

And don't forget, you don't have to be pigeon holed into
just one specific diet plan. By simply reducing your intake
of simple carbohydrates, increasing your protein and
excercise and drinking more water you're going to lose
weight while building lean mass.

Good luck!