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Friday, October 27, 2006

An Excellent Low Carb Diet Snack!

Hey Everybody!

You may not be aware (although you may if you've read
this blog before!) that I'm a second shifter. In other words
I work 3pm-11pm, or 3pm-1am when doing ten hour

So my dillema's always been that when I get home from
work I'm hungry, BUT I don't want to stay up too late
because I want to lead a somewhat normal life and get
up early enough the next day to get things done before
going back to work.

Going to the gym can be tough when you're up til 4am!

So in an effort to find a good snack to eat before bed
that doesn't include a lot of carbs here's what I came
up with.

Cheese and pepperoni!

Now I now what you're thinking. Big deal! What's so
great about cheese and pepperoni?

Well my friends, these two items fit perfectly into a
low carb diet plan because they're both high in protein
(although also high in fat!) and have virtually no carbs!

When I eat these together (NO CRACKERS!) along with
a glass of cabernet sauvignon (that's another story),
I'm getting a good amount of protein, maybe a bit too
much fat, and practically zero carbs!

It's just enough to take the edge off before bed so I sleep
better and the wine (the other story!) is good for your
heart. At least that's what the latest reports say.

I've been eating this snack combination for about two
and a half weeks now and lost about three pounds!

I've been a little lax on my trips to the gym but once I
get back I expect to see even more weight loss, or at
least a gain in muscle.

So there you have it, a good low carb diet snack that's
(at least for me!) a good pre bedtime mini meal.


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