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Thursday, September 14, 2006

To Be(er), Or Not To Be(er)! That Is The Question.

A low carb diet has many rewards. Losing weight while
maintaining muscle thus (hopefully) looking better and
FEELING better being tops among them.

BUT, being on a low carb diet also means giving up
some of what possibly may be your favorite foods.

One of my favorites just happens to be a beverage. BEER!

I love a nice cold beer (or two...or three!) when I get home
from a long day of work.

Here's my dilemma.

I work second shift. I also work 10 hour shifts so it's
almost 1:30am by the time I get home. So even if I'm
able to plan my meals at work so that I eat my last
one at say 11:30-12:00 and then abstain when I get
home, I still want a beer (or two...or three!).

An ice cold beer's AWESOME when you're relaxing
and trying to unwind from the day. But, as you may
be aware, beer probably doesn't fit into a low carb diet.

And I'm not talking about those silly light beers either!

I want a full bodied, HEAVY beer with lots-o-flavor
that fills the gut. Heck, I've been drinking water all
day, why would I want my beer to taste like water?

So I checked out what exactly's in a beer, nutrition wise.

Here's what's in a 12oz can of Bud:
calories 145
carbs 11

That's really not a lot! Not in my eyes.

BUT (there's that word again!) if you're trying to lose
weight those calories add up fast.

If I drink only two there's an additional 290 calories
and 22 carbs. Right before bed.

So, in the name of science, I will forth with deny myself
of my favorite beverage for two weeks to see if it
makes any difference in my weight.

I'm starting off at 232lbs. I'll see you in two weeks!

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