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Friday, September 01, 2006

Low Carb Diet - What About Excercise?

Here's a short article that I thought hit home with
what I like to think's a good combination...that is
a good low carb diet plan along with a regular
excercise routine.

Please note that any sensible diet, whether you follow
a low carb diet plan or not, should be supplemented
with excercise!

Always consult your physician before starting any
excercise program.


A few days ago, a customer asked me this question:
"I eat healthfully, and exercise at least an hour every
day, but I've been stuck at 146-150 for a while now.
How can I get over this plateau and keep losing?"

The older I get, I like to tell myself that I'm becoming
smarter - or I may be just becoming lazier. In any case,
I definitely don't work out that much. You can get great
results without training that much. I was able to tolerate
1-hour workouts every day when I was 20 - but not
anymore. I don't know you but there is a possibility that
you are overtraining. The fact that you train for one hour
a day tells me that you have a lot of zeal. Here are the
questions you need to ask yourself so you get over the

1) What type of exercise do you do each day? Is it only
aerobic or do you do resistance training as well? If you
are not doing resistance training, replace some of your
exercise time (at least half) with resistance training.
I'm convinced that "normal people" can achieve almost any
weight management goal they have by training properly
with weights for 40 minutes every other day. Get in there,
do your exercises and then getout. You don't need to train
more. You need to train smart. Get your weight training
down. THEN you can add the aerobics if you want.

2) If you ARE doing resistance training, are you getting
stronger every workout? Yes or no? Can you lift more
weight or do more reps with the same weight? Yes or no?
If no, then you may be overtrained or maybe you
are not eating enough protein or sleeping and resting

3) Did you measure your weight AND fat percentage before
starting exercising? Where are you now? Did you lose
weight? Was that fat? Or did you lose muscle? You can't
improve what you can't measure. If you are losing
muscle, you will just continue spinning your wheels.

4) Exercising can get boring. And the body adjusts to the
"same ol', same ol'" after a while. Try changing up your
workout routine so you don't get bored.

Remember to keep track of your progress. Measure
your weight, fat and muscle once a week on an empty
stomach in the morning. Know how you are progressing
and "fail fast" if need be. If you see a week that you
gained fat and lost muscle (it happens even in the best
families) try to readjust your plan. Don't make the mistake
that many people make and that's following a plan that
doesn't work FOR YEARS. This is called "failing in slow
motion". You want fast results? Measure your progress

If you keep an ultra strict diet for several days, then you
can reward yourself by having a "free day" where you
eat some of your favorites foods like pizza, cheesecake etc.
Don't eat 10,000 calories, ok? But taking a break every
now and then can really help you stay on track for the long

You have much more control over your life that others
would have you believe. Right now, you are overweight
because of some very specific habits you have. Focus on
those habits. As soon as you correct them, you will be able
to start losing weight and fat and looking great.

Forget who you have been all your life. Saying things like
"I'm a fat boy" or "I look like a barrel" don't help you.
Stay away from the victim mentality. Decide who you are
going to be from this point on.

Before you go to bed each night, spend just 5 minutes to
plan the next day. What are you going to do at 8:00 AM?
What at 10:25 AM? Note down your program. What will
you eat? When will you exercise? This will allow you to
"fly" through the next day much easier. Don't just wait
for the next day to come and then just "react" to whatever
comes your way. Remember: Failing to plan is planning to

Many people say "I can't do weight training (or exercise
at all) because I'm in no physical condition to do so".

This is one of the best examples of the "problem" being
the ultimate solution. START working out now. Take it
slowly. Start gently. Soon you'll be in such unbelievable
shape you'll wonder how you ever lived without eating
right and exercising. Nothing feels like being in great shape

Starting a weight loss program can be challenging or
even scary for some people. We all have fear in at least
one sector of our lives. But you need to realize that the
next step in your personal growth (and weight loss), is
feeling "uncomfortable" . Only when you step out of your
comfort zone will you start to improve. Take it one step
at a time and give it your best shot. Be bold...

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So there you have it. Some good, simple advice on
excercise incorporated with a good low carb diet
WILL work wonders for not only how you look but
your health and how you feel!


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