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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Kraft's Earnings Bolstered By Low-Carb Line

Well, well, well!

Here's a bit of news for everyone who's predicted
the end of the low carb diet lifestyle.

As you'll see from the article below, it's alive
and well. As always, moderation with carb intake's
the key. After all, you need whole grains as a source
of fiber and carbs do provide energy.

So always be smart about your diet, eat protein
for muscle support throughout the day in small
meals (approximately 1oz per pound of body weight
when excercising), keep the fats low and eat good
sources of complex carbohydrates.

Check out the article below to see proof that the
low carb lifestyle's alive and well.

Kraft's Earnings Bolstered By Low-Carb Line:

"Kraft Foods, which successfully launched a line of
South Beach Diet food products to the market in
2005, announced their fourth quarter earnings on
Thursday and said the new South Beach Diet
portfolio was the 'primary growth driver.'

DID YOU HEAR THAT, MEDIA?!?!?! An explicitly
LOW-CARB line of food products helped an major
American food company earn a profit in 2005. I
guess this economic analyst was wrong in his
assessment of the viability of low-carb products for

After just 10 months on the market, the South
Beach Diet line of products had garnered an eye-
popping $170 MILLION in sales!

I like how the story describes this news:

'...much to the chagrin of industry naysayers who
predicted an early death for the line of products
that while not as extreme as the Atkins Diet, still
relies on carb-control for its efficacy.'"

Get the rest of the story here.

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