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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Block Carbs with carb blocker pills

Block Carbs with carb blocker pills:
"No Ma Huang! - No Ephedra! - No Ephedrine!"

Shape Up Your Metabolism with the Dietrine
Carb Blocker
. A synergistic proprietary formula
that tunes your metabolic motor while also
stabilizing your blood sugar levels.

This helps curb cravings and avoids the vicious
cycle of wolfing down carbs...leading to an even
more ravenous appetite and increased cravings!

Dietrine Carb Blocker key ingredients are also
awesome weight loss agents. Chromium Chelavite
decreases sugar cravings and helps to stimulate
thermogenesis (the burning of fat)...Phaseolamin,
an extract of Northern white kidney bean, inhibits
alpha amylase, the digestive enzyme involved in
carbohydrate digestion.

Active ingredients in the white kidney bean
neutralizes up to 75 percent of alpha amylase
activity...and vanadium, which produces a favorable
increase in carbohydrate metabolism!"

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