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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Low Carb? High Protein? OR Both?

As an advocate of the low carb diet, I still
believe moderation is the best guide.

Sure, cut back on the carbs BUT don't kill
yourself trying to accomplish a low carb diet.

What you really need's a lower carb, higher
protein diet and a good excercise program.

If you're combining a low carb diet along with
a good excercise program (lifting weights is
HIGHLY recommended!), you HAVE to
increase your protein intake to support
muscle growth.

This in turn helps with weight loss (or
rather fat loss because you may indeed gain
a little weight due to muscle weighing more
than fat!) and also helps to keep your bodys
metabolism higher because muscle is an
active tissue where as fat's a storage

Here's what one former lowfat proponent had
to say about a higher protein diet and its effects:

Posted on 01-17-2006 06:54:16 by April Smith
Original post on April's Calorie Restriction Diary

"I was a lowfat vegan for years, and I felt like I ate
all the time! I was thin... between 110 and 115 most
of the time... but I was anxious, hungry (hence the
constant eating), had insane sugar cravings, and
lacked the mental focus I have now.

Eating enough protein (okay maybe more than enough)
and a decent amount of unsaturated fat has totally changed
my life, not just my diet. It was easy to lose weight once I
made those changes, and maintaining takes no effort

My first changes on CR were cutting out bread and pasta,
cutting all drinks except for red wine, and ceasing to put
sugar in my coffee. Now, I rarely leave the house without
29 grams of eggwhite power protein in my body.

And it has made all the difference. "

So as you can see, some simple dietary changes along
with a little moderation can make a lot of difference!

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