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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Complement your low carb diet with plenty of excercise!

So have you started your low carb diet plan yet?

Unfortunately, it's rather difficult to stick with ANY
type of diet. So here's my suggestion. When going
low carb, remember to get plenty of excercise! It'll
transform your physique quicker and give you more
incentive to stick with a diet.

Here's the deal. No matter WHAT you eat, you still
have to use more calories than you take in in order
to lose weight and maintain weight loss.

It's really that simple.

Expend more than you consume.

I've been hitting the gym on a more regular basis the
past three weeks and I'm noticing my stamina and
energy are rising again. I've been limiting my carbs,
but not totally eliminating them from my diet.

BUT I've also started doing more cardio.

And here's a little trick I read about from an older
body builder who was trying to reduce the stress on
his knees while getting a good cardiovascular workout.

Use a treadmill and set the incline as high as you can
handle it! AMAZING! My friends, I have sore joints.
Shoulders and knees. But when I first started back to
the gym a few weeks ago I took this gentleman's
advice and started doing the treadmill for 23 mins.
at a crack with a speed of 3.7 and an incline of 4.5.

Now three weeks later and my speed's only up to 3.9
but the incline's up to 6.5! What a difference!

I'm able to get my heart rate up within the cardio
training zone (as prescribed by the chart on the
treadmill), work up a good sweat and still have my
knees feel OK. It's more of a brisk walk than a run.

I've noticed that although I haven't lost any weight,
my pants are fitting better. This is usually what
happens when I first start back to the gym because
I'm replacing fat with muscle and muscle weighs more
than fat.

Another thing is that doing the treadmill on a steeper
incline targets your butt and thighs. Strengthening
your legs is an awesome way to shed fat because
they are a major muscle group and don't forget that
muscle is an active tissue and uses energy even in
a resting state. Unlike fat that just sits there.

So go ahead and give that a try. Hit the treadmill
for about 20mins. and set a small incline to begin
with and gradually increase it as you get accustomed
to it and it starts getting easier to complete the time.

Just remember to always take heed of your body!
STOP walking if you feel faint or dizzy. Always drink
plenty of water.

And eat a high protein, low carb diet to help maintain
muscle growth.

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