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Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Good Low Carb Diet Plan

What's a good low carb diet plan consist of?

Well, first you have to realize what types of carbs
are found in food.

There are basically two kinds of carbohydrates,
simple and complex.

Simple Carbs
Foods with simple or refined carbohydrates
most often have a low nutrient content and a
high-glycemic index.

They are quick to digest and can cause blood
sugar to soar then fall dramatically within
a short span of time.

In order to keep the body running more healthy and
stable, health advisors recommend that these type
foods be limited.

Foods with complex carbohydrates contain many
nutrients and have a low- to moderate-glycemic
index. Higher fiber content in these foods
means slower digestion, which is healthier
for the body.

And these foods are considered good choices by
health advisors.

While studies show that low-carb diets can help
with weight loss; the carbs need to be of the
complex, low-glycemic type.

Notable is that a total avoidance of the
simple carbs is not necessary, either. In
other words a treat now and then, in moderation
(and approved per your dietary advisor or in
accordance with your health practitioner), should
be fine.

Here's a list of foods that contain simple carbs
and should be avoided:

  • white bread
  • potatoes
  • bananas
  • cookies
  • candy
  • cupcakes
  • most sodas

Here's a list of foods that contain complex carbs
and can be eaten in more abundance:

  • whole grains
  • most fruits and vegetables
  • legumes
  • plants of the pea or bean family

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